Medical research

Course 1: Clinical Research Basic Skills Course

Goals of the research course?

Dr. Muhammed Elhadi

Doctor, Researcher

MBBCh – Faculty of Medicine, University of Tripoli

Course Description

Clinical Research Basic Skills Course By Dr. Muhammed Elhadi


Amazing Course

This course is a valuable learning experience in the medical research field 


Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 months

Course Price

120 LYD / 40$

Course Level


Course Description

By the end of the course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to clinical research
  • Steps of clinical research
  • How to develop a research idea and hypothesis
  • How to test your idea or hypothesis
  • Writing proposal/protocol for your research
  • How to search and download articles in the literature
  • Clinical research ethical/legal issues
  • Study Designs (Case reports and case series, Cross-sectional studies, Case-control studies, Cohort studies, Clinical trials)
  • Diagnostic accuracy studies (sensitivity and specificity + ROC curve)
  • How to develop a questionnaire for your study
  • Data collection procedure
  • Type of bias and errors
  • Sample size calculation for research studies
  • Principle concepts of sample size and power calculation
  • Description and application of sample size
  • Sample size calculation for different study design

Key Features

About the Course Instructor

  • MBBCh from Faculty of Medicine, University of Tripoli
  • Founder of Libyan Medical Research Network
  • Reviewer at over 40 international peer-review journals
  • Editor at PLOS ONE and BMC Public Health and BMC Medical Education
  • Worked on more than 50 International Projects including:
    African Surgical Outcomes-2
    GlobalSurg 3
    GlobalPaed Surg
    COVIDSurg / COVIDSurg Cancer
  • Chair of Incision – International Student Surgical Network – NWG of Libya
  • Have more than 50 posters and oral presentations at prestigious international conferences
  • Participated as speaker and presenter at: AHA, ASiT, ACOG, Digestive Week, AACR, EACR….
  • Have more than 70 published/accepted in international peer-review journals with impact factors in various surgical and medical specialties
  • Won over 15 awards and grants from international societies and conferences