Medical research

Course 4: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Goals of the research course?

Dr. Muhammed Elhadi

Doctor, Researcher

MBBCh – Faculty of Medicine, University of Tripoli

Course Description

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis By Dr. Muhammed Elhadi


Amazing Course

In this course, you will learn the principles of systematic review and meta-analysis


Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 months

Course Price

450 LYD / 100$

Course Level


Course Description

By the end of the course, you will learn:


  • Introduction to Systemic reviews and meta-analysis
  • The shift from narrative reviews to systematic reviews
  • Main steps of systemic reviews and meta-analysis
  • Formulate research question and ensure originality of your idea (PICO)
  • Developing criteria for systemic review
  • Prisma Statement 2020

Preparing protocol and search strategy

  • Writing protocol and registering the protocol in PROSPERO
  • How to develop search terms for each database
  • Searching in literature and scientific databases
  • Search in Pubmed
  • Search in Scopus
  • Search in Embase and Medline (OVID)
  • Search in VHL
  • Search in Cochrane Library
  • Search in Web of Science
  • Search in
  • Search in New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM)
  • Search in System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe (SIGLE)
  • Search in Google Scholar
  • Search in CINAHL
  • Extract search results using Endnote and Removing Duplicates
  • PRISMA – Flow Diagram

Screening and Extraction and Quality Assessment

  • Introduction to Screening & Extraction
  • Initial Screening and identifying eligible articles for inclusion
  • Full text download
  • Full text screening
  • How to develop extraction sheet
  • How to extract data
  • Quality assessment of studies
  • Quality assessment of RCTs by Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool (ROB 2)
  • Quality assessment of non-randomized studies of interventions by ROBINS
  • Quality assessment of observational studies by Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) 
  • Manual searching
  • Baseline Characteristics Table
  • Data Cleaning Before Doing Analysis
  • Some calculations for missing or non-reported data

Introduction to Meta-Analysis

  • Introduction to Meta-analysis
  • Some Definitions
  • Interpretation of forest plots
  • How to choose an effect‐size index
  • Effect Sizes Based on Means
  • Effect Sizes Based on Binary Data
  • Effect Sizes Based on Prevalence
  • Fixed-effect and random-effects models
  • Heterogeneity
  • I2

Publication Bias

  • Publication bias

Advanced Meta-analysis

  • Subgroup analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Meta-regression analysis technique: concept, procedures, and interpretation

Writing Up

  • How to write and prepare a systemic review and meta-analysis paper

Examples and Issues in Meta-analysis

  • Critical conceptual issues in meta-analysis
  • How to avoid common mistakes in meta-analysis
  • Meta-analysis examples (workshop)

Key Features

About the Course Instructor

  • MBBCh from Faculty of Medicine, University of Tripoli
  • Founder of Libyan Medical Research Network
  • Reviewer at over 40 international peer-review journals
  • Editor at PLOS ONE and BMC Public Health and BMC Medical Education
  • Worked on more than 50 International Projects including:
    African Surgical Outcomes-2
    GlobalSurg 3
    GlobalPaed Surg
    COVIDSurg / COVIDSurg Cancer
  • Chair of Incision – International Student Surgical Network – NWG of Libya
  • Have more than 50 posters and oral presentations at prestigious international conferences
  • Participated as speaker and presenter at: AHA, ASiT, ACOG, Digestive Week, AACR, EACR….
  • Have more than 70 published/accepted in international peer-review journals with impact factors in various surgical and medical specialties
  • Won over 15 awards and grants from international societies and conferences